NEW ALUMINUM Bubble Top SUPER CASE/Rhino  - Autolina

NEW ALUMINUM Bubble Top SUPER CASE/Rhino - Autolina

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Engine cases are all new construction with numerous design features added in right from the start. All cases are made from high quality aluminum alloy and are fully CNC machined following strict quality control standards. 

These Cases Feature: 

  • High Quality Aluminum - 40-44 pounds
  • Dual Relief for Type 1, 2, or 3 motors.
  • Shuffle Pins in all mains saddles for a tight fit. Zero gap longevity
  • Bubble Top / Raised Roof Design with a strong radius design adding strength and allowing clearance for up to 86mm Crank.
  • Ported and Smooth for better flow
  • Filled in behind #3 cylinder
  • Available Drilled & Tapped for Full Flow - w/ plugs supplied.
  • Main oil gallery tapped for ease of cleaning
  • Large Oil Pickup Tube
  • Available machined for sand seal
  • Available in 3 Bore sizes and for 8mm or 10mm Studs
  • Modification to fan housing required

  • Offered as a "stock" replacement case. This case has 8mm inserts for the head studs, Type 1 & 2 universal mounts and Type 1 & 3 dipstick locations. This case is designed to replace an original "universal" case and is considered a great upgrade over the "stock" magnesium case. 
  • "Super Stock" cases are the best choice for all out hi-performance engine building. All "Super Stock" cases are made from a separate tooling from our "Stock" cases. These cases all feature "Bubble Top" construction. "Bubble Top" cases have a raised roof design which allows up to 84mm stroker cranks and rods full clearance without having to do any additional hand clearancing. All of these cases are filled in behind #3 cylinder

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